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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2022-06-23Sam KarabulutNathan Winkelstein13-1515
2022-06-23Sam KarabulutEugene Sazhin13-1313
2022-06-23Jose SuarezShehroze Aamer3017-17
2022-06-23Jose SuarezEugene Sazhin03-3737
2022-06-23Shehroze AamerNathan Winkelstein23-1111
2022-06-23Eugene SazhinNathan Winkelstein13-1414
2022-06-23Jose SuarezSam Karabulut32-66
2022-06-23Jose SuarezNathan Winkelstein3100
2022-06-23Sam KarabulutTane Kim317-7
2022-06-23Shehroze AamerSam Karabulut321-1
2022-06-23Shehroze AamerEugene Sazhin3200
2022-06-23Joel ChristoTaek Kim13-1414
2022-06-23Taek KimMark Yun32-66
2022-06-23Joel ChristoAndriy Hrishin03-2828
2022-06-23Taek KimAndriy Hrishin03-2626
2022-06-23Tane KimAndriy Hrishin03-2727
2022-06-23Andriy HrishinMark Yun3015-15
2022-06-23Tane KimMark Yun32-66
2022-06-23Joel ChristoMark Yun13-2525
2022-06-23Tane KimTaek Kim3024-24
2022-06-23Joel ChristoTane Kim03-2626
2022-06-23Daniel SorialStefan Riecher13-1616
2022-06-23Steve FinnZack Guido321-1
2022-06-23Steve FinnStefan Riecher13-1515
2022-06-23Daniel SorialWill Shortz3023-23
2022-06-23Daniel SorialSteve Finn13-1313
2022-06-23Will ShortzZack Guido321-1
2022-06-23Stefan RiecherZack Guido3111-11
2022-06-23Tane KimDaniel Sorial3100
2022-06-23Steve FinnWill Shortz23-66
2022-06-23Will ShortzStefan Riecher03-2727
2022-06-23Daniel SorialZack Guido3200
2022-06-23Bojie ZhangCarly Googel03-3030
2022-06-23Steve BurkaParvathy Gopikrishna13-1818
2022-06-23Jeremy OforiCarly Googel3110-10
2022-06-23Bojie ZhangGlen Randmer13-1818
2022-06-23Bojie ZhangSteve Burka317-7
2022-06-23Jeremy OforiParvathy Gopikrishna32-33
2022-06-23Glen RandmerSteve Burka23-55
2022-06-23Bojie ZhangParvathy Gopikrishna3015-15
2022-06-23Glen RandmerParvathy Gopikrishna3020-20
2022-06-23Jeremy OforiGlen Randmer3110-10
2022-06-23Jeremy OforiSteve Burka3110-10
2022-06-23Bojie ZhangJeremy Ofori23-88
2022-06-23Matt ButterworthEli Roberts3013-13
2022-06-23Peter XuJames Zou3111-11
2022-06-23Peter XuEli Roberts305-5
2022-06-23Paul NgMatt Butterworth32-66
2022-06-23James ZouEli Roberts306-6
2022-06-23Peter XuMatt Butterworth3013-13
2022-06-23Paul NgJames Zou324-4
2022-06-23Peter XuPaul Ng03-2626
2022-06-23James ZouMatt Butterworth312-2
2022-06-23Paul NgEli Roberts31-77
2022-06-23Stephen GreenbergDejan Novakovic315-5
2022-06-23Willy DArianoSung Kang313-3
2022-06-23Stephen GreenbergJeff Baker3019-19
2022-06-23Dejan NovakovicSung Kang3011-11
2022-06-23Stephen GreenbergSung Kang306-6
2022-06-23Jeff BakerWilly DAriano3018-18
2022-06-23Stephen GreenbergWilly DAriano3013-13
2022-06-23Dejan NovakovicWilly DAriano317-7
2022-06-23Jeff BakerDejan Novakovic323-3
2022-06-23Jeff BakerSung Kang31-22
2022-06-23Gopi KrishnaChong Jue03-2929
2022-06-23Will FletcherStefan Darmanovic3111-11
2022-06-23Olin RupchinLucian Iacob13-2929
2022-06-23Will FletcherGopi Krishna3013-13
2022-06-23Olin RupchinStefan Darmanovic3023-23
2022-06-23Stefan DarmanovicGopi Krishna03-3636
2022-06-23Chong JueLucian Iacob322-2
2022-06-23Olin RupchinWill Fletcher13-1313
2022-06-23Stefan DarmanovicChong Jue03-3939
2022-06-23Gopi KrishnaLucian Iacob316-6
2022-06-23Olin RupchinChong Jue31-22
2022-06-23Will FletcherLucian Iacob03-4141
2022-06-23Stefan DarmanovicLucian Iacob03-4141
2022-06-23Olin RupchinGopi Krishna32-77
2022-06-23Will FletcherChong Jue32-99
Thursday 23 June 2022
Lucian Iacob103
Andriy Hrishin96
Chong Jue81
Stefan Riecher69
Stephen Greenberg43
Nathan Winkelstein40
Eugene Sazhin36
Jeremy Ofori35
Glen Randmer23
Mark Yun22
Carly Googel20
Paul Ng17
Dejan Novakovic10
Tane Kim10
Gopi Krishna7
Matt Butterworth4
Peter Xu3
Jeff Baker0
Daniel Sorial-6
Steve Finn-7
James Zou-7
Will Fletcher-13
Zack Guido-13
Parvathy Gopikrishna-14
Sam Karabulut-16
Eli Roberts-17
Sung Kang-18
Jose Suarez-26
Shehroze Aamer-27
Olin Rupchin-28
Steve Burka-30
Bojie Zhang-34
Willy DAriano-35
Taek Kim-42
Will Shortz-43
Joel Christo-93
Stefan Darmanovic-150