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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2023-03-28Jose SuarezShehroze Aamer319-9
2023-03-28Andriy HrishinNoel Furniss3110-10
2023-03-28Andriy HrishinJose Suarez3112-12
2023-03-28Andriy HrishinShehroze Aamer321-1
2023-03-28Ron ZharzhavskyZack Guido23-66
2023-03-28Olin RupchinZack Guido13-1818
2023-03-28Julian ArcherRon Zharzhavsky312-2
2023-03-28Julian ArcherOlin Rupchin32-11
2023-03-28David HillBrian Moran13-1313
2023-03-28Ernest GeorgewillDavid Hill23-1515
2023-03-28Mark YunBrian Moran32-11
2023-03-28Ernest GeorgewillMark Yun23-99
2023-03-28Shehroze AamerJulian Archer323-3
2023-03-28Noel FurnissShehroze Aamer323-3
2023-03-28Sohel KlopferGlen Randmer13-1616
2023-03-28Steve BurkaParvathy Gopikrishna313-3
2023-03-28Steve BurkaSohel Klopfer3017-17
2023-03-28Parvathy GopikrishnaGlen Randmer3111-11
2023-03-28Gary ZharzhavskyJeff Baker3011-11
2023-03-28Gregory LargePeter McNamara23-88
2023-03-28Gregory LargeGary Zharzhavsky23-99
2023-03-28Gopi KrishnaMark Westlake3012-12
2023-03-28Dejan NovakovicYuping Xing3111-11
2023-03-28Yuping XingMark Westlake306-6
2023-03-28Dejan NovakovicGopi Krishna314-4
2023-03-28Rick KriskaChristiian Macchiacoli32-66
2023-03-28Kyle CostFrank Valentine3024-24
2023-03-28Christiian MacchiacoliFrank Valentine3020-20
2023-03-28Rick KriskaKyle Cost32-99
2023-03-28Abraham GolubJoe Jimenez03-2727
2023-03-28Victoria ChernovaAnris Skangalis03-3030
2023-03-28Victoria ChernovaJoe Jimenez3013-13
2023-03-28Charles Braue [LH]Abraham Golub319-9
2023-03-28Victoria ChernovaAbraham Golub3015-15
2023-03-28Anris SkangalisJoe Jimenez3018-18
2023-03-28Anris SkangalisAbraham Golub3020-20
2023-03-28Victoria ChernovaCharles Braue [LH]315-5
2023-03-28Charles Braue [LH]Joe Jimenez3020-20
Tuesday 28 March 2023
Anris Skangalis68
Kyle Cost33
Christiian Macchiacoli26
Zack Guido24
Charles Braue [LH]24
Andriy Hrishin23
Gary Zharzhavsky20
Steve Burka20
Dejan Novakovic15
Brian Moran14
Peter McNamara8
Parvathy Gopikrishna8
Mark Yun8
Gopi Krishna8
Glen Randmer5
Victoria Chernova3
David Hill2
Julian Archer-2
Jose Suarez-3
Yuping Xing-5
Noel Furniss-7
Ron Zharzhavsky-8
Shehroze Aamer-10
Jeff Baker-11
Rick Kriska-15
Olin Rupchin-17
Gregory Large-17
Mark Westlake-18
Ernest Georgewill-24
Joe Jimenez-24
Sohel Klopfer-33
Frank Valentine-44
Abraham Golub-71