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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2022-05-19Rich DeWittYuying Yang3011-11
2022-05-19Jose SuarezEugene Sazhin3017-17
2022-05-19Yuying YangEugene Sazhin3016-16
2022-05-19Jose SuarezJulian Archer316-6
2022-05-19Rich DeWittJose Suarez3010-10
2022-05-19Rich DeWittEugene Sazhin306-6
2022-05-19Yuying YangJulian Archer314-4
2022-05-19Julian ArcherEugene Sazhin3024-24
2022-05-19Yuying YangJose Suarez03-2727
2022-05-19Rich DeWittJulian Archer306-6
2022-05-19Sam KarabulutJoel Christo3017-17
2022-05-19Ming-Hong ChangTaek Kim32-11
2022-05-19Sam KarabulutShehroze Aamer03-2929
2022-05-19Ming-Hong ChangJoel Christo03-3232
2022-05-19Sam KarabulutMing-Hong Chang13-1515
2022-05-19Sam KarabulutTaek Kim315-5
2022-05-19Shehroze AamerTaek Kim23-99
2022-05-19Taek KimJoel Christo3024-24
2022-05-19Ming-Hong ChangShehroze Aamer23-77
2022-05-19Shehroze AamerJoel Christo3200
2022-05-19Daniel SorialBojie Zhang3019-19
2022-05-19Daniel SorialWill Shortz23-1212
2022-05-19Bojie ZhangWill Shortz23-66
2022-05-19Ernest GeorgewillAdrian Gonzalez318-8
2022-05-19Carly GoogelAdolfo Neto3023-23
2022-05-19Steve FinnAdrian Gonzalez03-2525
2022-05-19Steve FinnYuki Tokuhiro32-44
2022-05-19Carly GoogelAdrian Gonzalez13-1818
2022-05-19Adolfo NetoJeremy Ofori23-88
2022-05-19Ernest GeorgewillSteve Finn13-1717
2022-05-19Ernest GeorgewillAdolfo Neto3024-24
2022-05-19Carly GoogelYuki Tokuhiro23-1818
2022-05-19Adolfo NetoAdrian Gonzalez319-9
2022-05-19Ernest GeorgewillJeremy Ofori321-1
2022-05-19Adolfo NetoSteve Finn03-2929
2022-05-19Adrian GonzalezYuki Tokuhiro13-2121
2022-05-19Jeremy OforiSteve Finn3112-12
2022-05-19Adolfo NetoYuki Tokuhiro23-1717
2022-05-19Stefan RiecherGlen Randmer3024-24
2022-05-19Sherry HsuDachen Chu03-2929
2022-05-19Stefan RiecherDachen Chu3019-19
2022-05-19Stefan RiecherSherry Hsu3023-23
2022-05-19James ZouGlen Randmer323-3
2022-05-19James ZouSherry Hsu3021-21
2022-05-19Glen RandmerDachen Chu3020-20
2022-05-19James ZouStefan Riecher13-1414
2022-05-19Glen RandmerSherry Hsu3111-11
2022-05-19James ZouDachen Chu3018-18
2022-05-19Dave HalperinStephen Greenberg13-2424
2022-05-19Peter XuParvathy Gopikrishna23-77
2022-05-19Paul NgStephen Greenberg3016-16
2022-05-19Peter XuMatt Butterworth32-33
2022-05-19Dave HalperinPaul Ng23-99
2022-05-19Parvathy GopikrishnaStephen Greenberg03-3737
2022-05-19Parvathy GopikrishnaDave Halperin03-2626
2022-05-19Paul NgMatt Butterworth322-2
2022-05-19Peter XuDave Halperin03-2727
2022-05-19Dave HalperinMatt Butterworth32-22
2022-05-19Peter XuStephen Greenberg31-11
2022-05-19Peter XuPaul Ng23-1010
2022-05-19Parvathy GopikrishnaPaul Ng03-2929
2022-05-19Amy HsuSung Kang3012-12
2022-05-19Jeff BakerNeil Kurshan3015-15
2022-05-19Amy HsuNeil Kurshan3012-12
2022-05-19Hans ZouSung Kang32-33
2022-05-19Amy HsuJeff Baker319-9
2022-05-19Sung KangNeil Kurshan3024-24
2022-05-19Jeff BakerSung Kang3015-15
2022-05-19Jeff BakerHans Zou322-2
2022-05-19Willy DArianoOlin Rupchin3011-11
2022-05-19Margie AlleyWill Fletcher13-2121
2022-05-19Margie AlleyOlin Rupchin3012-12
2022-05-19Willy DArianoMargie Alley3023-23
2022-05-19Willy DArianoNenad Bach3014-14
2022-05-19Will FletcherOlin Rupchin3200
2022-05-19Willy DArianoWill Fletcher3015-15
2022-05-19Margie AlleyNenad Bach3016-16
2022-05-19Nenad BachOlin Rupchin23-99
2022-05-19Will FletcherNenad Bach3023-23
2022-05-19Gavri DavisShira Gerber3014-14
2022-05-19Paul FragnerSteve Andelman13-1616
2022-05-19Rodrigo UlloaMason Droge3025-25
2022-05-19Steve AndelmanGavri Davis32-33
2022-05-19Steve AndelmanShira Gerber308-8
2022-05-19Rodrigo UlloaPaul Fragner3110-10
2022-05-19Mason DrogeGavri Davis13-2525
2022-05-19Paul FragnerShira Gerber306-6
2022-05-19Mason DrogeSteve Andelman317-7
2022-05-19Rodrigo UlloaGavri Davis3100
2022-05-19Rodrigo UlloaShira Gerber305-5
2022-05-19Paul FragnerGavri Davis13-2323
2022-05-19Rodrigo UlloaSteve Andelman23-1010
2022-05-19Eugene SazhinSam Karabulut319-9
2022-05-19Matt ButterworthStephen Greenberg23-1111
Thursday 19 May 2022
Stefan Riecher80
Paul Ng66
Gavri Davis65
Willy DAriano63
Yuki Tokuhiro60
Stephen Greenberg46
Jose Suarez40
Amy Hsu33
Rich DeWitt33
Rodrigo Ulloa30
Stephan Nero29
Taek Kim29
Will Fletcher29
James Zou28
Shehroze Aamer27
Steve Andelman24
Jeff Baker23
Jeremy Ofori19
Will Shortz18
Dave Halperin18
Ernest Georgewill16
Julian Archer8
Daniel Sorial7
Steve Finn5
Adrian Gonzalez5
Glen Randmer4
Sung Kang0
Hans Zou-5
Joel Christo-9
Carly Googel-13
Olin Rupchin-14
Margie Alley-16
Yuying Yang-18
Sam Karabulut-22
Bojie Zhang-25
Ming-Hong Chang-25
Matt Butterworth-26
Dachen Chu-28
Shira Gerber-33
Paul Fragner-43
Mason Droge-43
Peter Xu-48
Neil Kurshan-51
Nenad Bach-62
Eugene Sazhin-63
Sherry Hsu-84
Parvathy Gopikrishna-85
Adolfo Neto-92