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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2022-11-22Camilo GuevaraIgor Annopolsky13-1717
2022-11-22Andriy HrishinCamilo Guevara319-9
2022-11-22Andriy HrishinNoel Furniss03-2828
2022-11-22Noel FurnissIgor Annopolsky3200
2022-11-22Stefan RiecherZack Guido322-2
2022-11-22Julian ArcherTaek Kim13-1414
2022-11-22Taek KimZack Guido314-4
2022-11-22Milutin NikodijevicMark Yun3023-23
2022-11-22Bojie ZhangMilutin Nikodijevic13-1616
2022-11-22Bojie ZhangJeremy Ofori3022-22
2022-11-22Jeremy OforiMark Yun3110-10
2022-11-22Steve BurkaPaul Nunez13-1616
2022-11-22Gregory LargeJames Zou317-7
2022-11-22Steve BurkaGregory Large32-22
2022-11-22Bojie ZhangSteve Burka03-3131
2022-11-22Paul NunezJames Zou13-2121
2022-11-22Glen RandmerPaul Ng23-66
2022-11-22Glen RandmerTimothy Hudson23-1616
2022-11-22Paul NgParvathy Gopikrishna23-1515
2022-11-22Julian ArcherStefan Riecher03-3232
2022-11-22Mutasem NazifJeff Baker3015-15
2022-11-22Stephen GreenbergYuping Xing32-1111
2022-11-22Jeff BakerYuping Xing03-3434
2022-11-22Mutasem NazifStephen Greenberg324-4
2022-11-22Gopi KrishnaCharles Braue [LH]307-7
2022-11-22Sung KangFrank Valentine3016-16
2022-11-22Paul ChaoLucian Iacob3013-13
2022-11-22Gopi KrishnaFrank Valentine307-7
2022-11-22Sung KangCharles Braue [LH]3016-16
2022-11-22Paul ChaoGopi Krishna3017-17
2022-11-22Lucian IacobFrank Valentine31-33
2022-11-22Lucian IacobCharles Braue [LH]31-33
2022-11-22Paul ChaoSung Kang307-7
2022-11-22Timothy HudsonParvathy Gopikrishna13-1313
Tuesday 22 November 2022
Yuping Xing45
Milutin Nikodijevic39
Paul Chao37
Stefan Riecher34
Parvathy Gopikrishna28
Noel Furniss28
Sung Kang25
Mutasem Nazif19
Taek Kim18
Igor Annopolsky17
James Zou14
Steve Burka13
Gregory Large9
Timothy Hudson3
Gopi Krishna-3
Paul Nunez-5
Zack Guido-6
Paul Ng-9
Jeremy Ofori-12
Stephen Greenberg-15
Andriy Hrishin-19
Lucian Iacob-19
Charles Braue [LH]-20
Frank Valentine-20
Glen Randmer-22
Bojie Zhang-25
Camilo Guevara-26
Mark Yun-33
Julian Archer-46
Jeff Baker-49