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Introduction to the Westchester Table Tennis League

Any player who wishes can now give his or her next match a little extra meaning by playing it "for the rating."

Each participant in the league will have an initial rating. This will be the player's USATT rating, if he or she has one. Otherwise, the initial rating will be estimated by the club's manager. This rating, comparable to a chess rating, is an indication of the player's strength relative to everyone else. For example, an average tournament player in the USATT has a rating of about 1600. A sheer beginner might be rated 300-500, while the very top U.S. players are in the 2600-2800 range.

By playing matches in the league you can gain or lose points. The higher your opponent's rating, the more points you gain when winning, and the fewer points you lose when losing. Note that your wins and losses in the league will not affect your USATT rating, if you have one. They count only for the league. However, your league rating should be similar to a USATT rating and reflect your true playing skill.

In our league, but unlike in the USATT, the number of games you win or lose will matter. Even if you lose a match 3-1, say, you may gain points if your opponent is so much stronger than you that he was "supposed" to beat you 3-0!

Have fun!

Peter Ritmeester