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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2019-09-19Noel FurnissEugene Sazhin03-2626
2019-09-19Noel FurnissIgor Zernitsky3110-10
2019-09-19Eugene SazhinSteven Li3022-22
2019-09-19James BuckleyPete Betley3019-19
2019-09-19James BuckleyNenad Bach302-2
2019-09-19James BuckleyNenad Bach302-2
2019-09-19James BuckleyNenad Bach302-2
2019-09-19Edgar SanchezTattoo Szeles13-1414
2019-09-19Edgar SanchezLuke Tharathattel32-1414
2019-09-19Sky ShatzLuke Tharathattel307-7
2019-09-19Tattoo SzelesSky Shatz23-66
2019-09-19Igor ZernitskySteven Li23-77
2019-09-19Zack GuidoSam Karabulut3023-23
2019-09-19Art DubowJoseph Jin3112-12
2019-09-19Joseph JinSam Karabulut3021-21
2019-09-19Art DubowZack Guido3110-10
2019-09-19David HillMiguel Ballesteros321-1
2019-09-19Will ShortzAmoolya Menon13-1616
2019-09-19David HillWill Shortz13-1717
2019-09-19Miguel BallesterosAmoolya Menon03-2929
2019-09-19Dan GarciaCarly Googel316-6
2019-09-19Xiaobo WangMark Yun3023-23
2019-09-19Xiaobo WangDan Googel31-1212
2019-09-19Mike RomaniwAdolfo Neto3011-11
2019-09-19Mike RomaniwChad Adams3022-22
2019-09-19Chad AdamsAntal Viczian308-8
2019-09-19Adolfo NetoAntal Viczian3017-17
2019-09-19Alex TsoiDan Buzovi3017-17
2019-09-19Prem KrishnamurthyRobert King23-1414
2019-09-19Alex TsoiPrem Krishnamurthy3025-25
2019-09-19Dan BuzoviRobert King13-1515
2019-09-19Parvathy GopikrishnaAndrew Choi03-3838
2019-09-19Michael YehJames Buckley3021-21
2019-09-19Michael YehParvathy Gopikrishna3025-25
2019-09-19James BuckleyAndrew Choi03-3535
2019-09-19Ron ZharzhavskyHowie Shlom03-3030
2019-09-19David TeichMark Westlake3023-23
2019-09-19Mark WestlakeHowie Shlom3019-19
2019-09-19David TeichRon Zharzhavsky3110-10
2019-09-19Dan GoogelRobert Zengotita03-3636
2019-09-19Nenad BachRoger Sun03-3030
2019-09-19Dillon TsangDan Googel3023-23
2019-09-19Roger SunRobert Zengotita3015-15
2019-09-19Nenad BachDan Googel3021-21
2019-09-19Dillon TsangRoger Sun03-2727
2019-09-19James BuckleyPete Betley3019-19
2019-09-19Zack GuidoMiguel Ballesteros23-1111
2019-09-19Sam KarabulutMiguel Ballesteros3020-20
2019-09-19Sam KarabulutMiguel Ballesteros318-8
2019-09-19Sam KarabulutMiguel Ballesteros3200
2019-09-19Sam KarabulutMiguel Ballesteros23-1010
2019-09-19Sam KarabulutMiguel Ballesteros13-1717
2019-09-19Sam KarabulutMiguel Ballesteros23-1010
2019-09-19Sam KarabulutLuke Tharathattel32-77
2019-09-19J. T. HeSam Karabulut31-33
2019-09-19Art DubowSam Karabulut3021-21
2019-09-19Igor ZernitskySam Karabulut317-7
2019-09-19Igor ZernitskySam Karabulut317-7
2019-09-19Igor ZernitskySam Karabulut317-7
2019-09-19Igor ZernitskyZack Guido3021-21
Thursday 19 September 2019
Andrew Choi73
Roger Sun72
Eugene Sazhin48
Michael Yeh46
Amoolya Menon45
Art Dubow43
Alex Tsoi42
Mike Romaniw33
David Teich33
Robert King29
Igor Zernitsky25
Robert Zengotita21
Luke Tharathattel14
Sky Shatz13
Xiaobo Wang11
Howie Shlom11
Joseph Jin9
Tattoo Szeles8
Adolfo Neto6
Dan Garcia6
Will Shortz1
J. T. He-3
Dillon Tsang-4
Mark Westlake-4
Carly Googel-6
Miguel Ballesteros-10
James Buckley-12
Chad Adams-14
Steven Li-15
Nenad Bach-15
David Hill-16
Noel Furniss-16
Zack Guido-19
Mark Yun-23
Antal Viczian-25
Edgar Sanchez-28
Dan Buzovi-32
Pete Betley-38
Prem Krishnamurthy-39
Ron Zharzhavsky-40
Parvathy Gopikrishna-63
Dan Googel-68
Sam Karabulut-99