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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2019-11-14Vihan CoyalMike DiSisto314-4
2019-11-14Vihan CoyalRobert Cattan3022-22
2019-11-14Robert CattanDan Googel03-3131
2019-11-14Mike DiSistoDan Googel324-4
2019-11-14Petro ShapovskyiMichael Yeh13-1616
2019-11-14James BuckleyAndrew Choi3110-10
2019-11-14Petro ShapovskyiJames Buckley03-2727
2019-11-14Michael MensahAndrew Choi31-1212
2019-11-14Sam KarabulutMike Romaniw32-11
2019-11-14Dan GarciaMark Yun03-2626
2019-11-14Dan GarciaSam Karabulut13-1616
2019-11-14Mark YunMike Romaniw32-33
2019-11-14Parvathy GopikrishnaRay Herbst03-3131
2019-11-14Mark WestlakeDavid Teich03-3333
2019-11-14Ray HerbstDavid Teich3019-19
2019-11-14Parvathy GopikrishnaMark Westlake03-2929
2019-11-14Sung KangDan Djaker3018-18
2019-11-14Howie ShlomChong Jue23-66
2019-11-14Frank ValentineDan Djaker3015-15
2019-11-14Chong JueDan Djaker3015-15
2019-11-14Howie ShlomSung Kang318-8
2019-11-14Howie ShlomFrank Valentine3023-23
2019-11-14Francis StorphGlen Randmer31-33
2019-11-14Carly GoogelAdolfo Neto3022-22
2019-11-14Carly GoogelGlen Randmer3023-23
2019-11-14Francis StorphAdolfo Neto23-2121
2019-11-14Zack GuidoAmoolya Menon3021-21
2019-11-14Steven LiSteve Burka317-7
2019-11-14Steve BurkaAmoolya Menon23-66
2019-11-14Steven LiZack Guido3111-11
2019-11-14Mark YunSam Karabulut03-2727
2019-11-14Jose SuarezIan Banfield23-66
2019-11-14Alec HolstRosine Dongo323-3
2019-11-14Alec HolstJose Suarez13-1515
2019-11-14Rosine DongoIan Banfield3111-11
2019-11-14Robert KingPrem Krishnamurthy3019-19
2019-11-14Robert KingBjorn Oso23-1313
2019-11-14Prem KrishnamurthyDave Kent3019-19
2019-11-14Bjorn OsoDave Kent3021-21
2019-11-14Edgar SanchezEugene Sazhin03-2626
2019-11-14Edgar SanchezSky Shatz3112-12
2019-11-14Sky ShatzArt Dubow13-1919
2019-11-14Eugene SazhinArt Dubow3200
Thursday 14 November 2019
Ray Herbst50
Carly Googel45
Sam Karabulut42
James Buckley37
Bjorn Oso34
Dan Googel27
Eugene Sazhin26
Vihan Coyal26
Howie Shlom25
Chong Jue21
Art Dubow19
Steven Li18
Michael Yeh16
David Teich14
Zack Guido10
Sung Kang10
Jose Suarez9
Rosine Dongo8
Robert King6
Mike Romaniw4
Andrew Choi2
Prem Krishnamurthy0
Mike DiSisto0
Adolfo Neto-1
Mark Yun-4
Mark Westlake-4
Ian Banfield-5
Frank Valentine-8
Michael Mensah-12
Alec Holst-12
Steve Burka-13
Edgar Sanchez-14
Amoolya Menon-15
Glen Randmer-20
Francis Storph-24
Sky Shatz-31
Dave Kent-40
Dan Garcia-42
Petro Shapovskyi-43
Dan Djaker-48
Robert Cattan-53
Parvathy Gopikrishna-60